How To Create Multiple Facebook and Twitter Accounts with one Email

How-to-Create-Multiple-Facebook-and-Twitter-Accounts-with-one-EmailSometimes we may want to create more than one Facebook or twitter accounts, so we would have to register another Email account because you'll get the Email is already registered message if you try to use the same Email to create another Facebook or twitter account. But this tutorial will show you how to register multiple
Facebook accounts or twitter accounts using the same Email.

How does this work

The fact is that when you register a Gmail account, you are given two email addresses which are and

But the two addresses lead back to the same Gmail account. 
So if you have created a Facebook or twitter account with your main Gmail account using the popular, you can still create a second account But it doesn't end there. 

You can also create more than two accounts with the same Email by adding dot (.) anywhere inside your Gmail username.

For example:

Google ignores the dot (.) in the email address and all the addresses above lead back to the same Gmail account. You can try this out and create as many Facebook or Twitter accounts you like and get back here and drop a comment.

Also note that you can use this trick on other social media platforms or registrations on other sites.

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