How To Spot A Fake Infinix Smartphone

Infinix is one of Africa’s leading smartphone brand and it's a yearly routine for them to keep on producing great and wonderful devices which are sold in the Nigerian Market. One thing that has been affecting this brand is the sale of FAKE Infinix smartphones by unauthorized dealers/retailers to customers.

Last month a friend of mine bought an infinix hot 3 not knowing that the device was fake. Hot 3 normally does not have 4G network but this was showing 4G. The battery, interface, charger and all other things showed the phone was fake.

This ‘FAKE’ Infinix smartphones, which are sub-standard phones, are harmful to customers and those around them. Customers should pay attention and only buy Infinix smartphones from authorized dealers.

The FAKE phones can be identified by features such as the camera and earpiece location, UI (XOS), OS and more, which can easily be spotted.

Also there is a major price difference as the FAKE smartphone prices are almost half the price of the Original smartphone from Infinix. The differences can be spotted in this video.

We hereby advise our fans to only purchase Infinix smartphones and accessories from the listed retailers offline

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