Latest Top Paying Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria for March 2017

I would highlight the list of top 6 ponzi schemes working right now as at March 2017.

Ponzi Scheme

1. Get Help Worldwide:

There is hardly anyone that is not familiar with this scheme. There are so many Nigerians that would beat their chest and say GHW won't crash because according to the owners of the scheme and different rumors, GHW has never crashed.

In GHW, you can either pay in your local currency or pay in bitcoins and then get 30%-50% in 23-30 days.

Please note that GHW is not a local ponzi scheme but an international one. That is what is making the scheme to stand out from MMM. Unlike MMM, GHW does not need Guiders and the way the system works shows that it would be very hard for it to crash.

2. Twinkas:

This is the No.2 working scheme in the country right now. Twinkas is as popular as GHW and the way it works is that you get double of your investment starting from #5,000 to #100,000.

Twinkas comes in different packages starting from Classic- Professional- Premium- Ultimate. You get your money within 21 days. Twinkas is 100% and a lot of people are making it from Twinkas

3. Loopers Club:

I call this the twin brother of Twinkas. Loopers Club has been fashioned out just like Twinkas to have packages but the benefit iis that it has more offers and packages.

Under Loopers you get double of your investment within 14 days unlike Twinkas and the lowest package is #5000 (you get #10,000 as double) and the highest is #500,000 ( you get #1,000,000 as double)

4. Donation Hub

This made the March list due to calls for it to make it by Kingston Dome readers and it seems like the scheme is very reliable. In Donation Hub, payment is very fast. You get your gain in the next 48 hours. After confirmation you pay $35 or more and then you get 50% of your investment. Donation Hub is that easy and very reliable. Also, unlike some schemes you can reach the helpline in case of any problem.

5. Naracle

I believe Naracle was fashioned out to fill in the gap of the already failing system of Claritta. Naracle is relatively new and is paying not just well but very fast. The spillover system is okay and you can actually make money from it. There are 6 levels under Naracle. With as little as #1500, you can make over 100 million naira from Naracle. You upgrade with a very little amount of money and get huge returns.

6. Blessed Givers

This is also a scheme that just got popular. According to my research, Blessed Givers unlike other peer to peer donation schemes, the chances of a very successful attack on its system is minimal. It is a system whereby you get double of whatever you pay. You just have 3 hours to pay after registration. The payment ranges from #5000-#10000-#25000-#50000-#75000-#100000-#150000 and you get your double gain very fast.


Naira Donation: This is one of the schemes rocking right now. It is just like Twinkas but the payment process is faster. Naira Donation pays between 1-20 days. It comes in different levels. The highest is the Platinum which you pay #500,000 and get 200%. The minimal level is #10,000. Naira Donation is 100% I can assure you. It  is recent and would surely compete with Twinkas in the future. It should make our next list but that depends on you guys sha. You know your comments matter. Join Naira Donation for help and enquiries just click here

I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any suggestions that should enter our next list, drop it here

Credit: Kingstondome

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  1. Replies
    1. *New site dropping soon*
      Naira insurance is an insurance company originated from US by a nigerian investor known as Chris George who has being a US based citizen, this company has changed many individual's financial state in America and this time he decides to bring it down to his country by converting it into ponzi scheme which will enable nigerian citizens to help themselves by providing help to their fellow individual in nigerian currency (naira). 

      *This site is dropping on Friday by 8pm and it has many packages to get 200% interest in return like 5k,10k,20k,50k and 100k anticipating*

      We all know how ponzi scheme works that d earlier u register d faster u get paid so u can join our whatsapp group in order to know wen dis site is been lunched

      *please don't join if you are not ready to ph*

      Below is our group link and we need only 20 people in the group before the site will be lunched others will join after and this 1st 20 pple will benefit faster Dan others.

      *By Chris George CEO Naira insurance company*

      Click here to join our group👇

  2. this information is not true, and mmm remain the best in Nigeria. infact loopersclub is crashed


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    You will be matched to pay your PH ( provide help ) the 3rd weeks.
    On the 4th week click on Get helped -> Request Help
    You will be match to receive help from other participants.

    Its simple.

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