Do You Think MMM Will Still Survive In Nigeria

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Mavrodi Mondial Movement simply known as MMM came in Nigeria in 2015 but made wave in the year 2016. The ponzi scheme actually made many people rich in Nigeria and I also thought of participating cos friends around were really making me envious, but as God will have it be, I didn't join, only for me to hear few days later that the scheme had frozen its members account.

Now we have had news of the problems it has caused millions of Nigerians to the extent that a participant of the scheme drank insecticide upon hearing the shocking news. People still have hope that this scheme will keep to its promised date of returning which is the 14th of January. But the question is if it actually comes back, will it survive in this our dear country Nigeria? Many people will want to GET HELP immediately it is reopened and so few will be ready to PROVIDE HELP and this will really affect the money in circulation.....I might be wrong though but what do you guys think, will MMM still survive in Nigeria?

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