Rooting of any android device comes with special benefit and each user that roots his or her android device has a specific purpose of rooting the device ranging from customizing the rom, increasing the processor speed, hacking of games, reduction of ram usage. etc.
But rooting a device also comes with some other backside such as voiding of manufacturer warranty, bricking of phone, and there will be big issue if there is any OTA update because the phone OS will crash. In other to avoid these backside you can easily unroot your device with the following methods.

1st Method: Use of ES file explorer 
Use the following steps to unroot your android device
1. Install ES File Explorer   (from playstore) app on your device
(NB:Don’t move it to SD card )
2. Open the app and click the menu button.
3. Now click on ‘Tools’ and select ‘Root Explorer’ to turn it on.
4. Superuser will ask you to grant privilege or root privileges to the app. Allow it.
5. Now go back to the main screen of the app and click on ‘/’ at the top corner of the screen.

6.Go to system -> bin. Look for thebusybox and su file and delete them. If you can’t find any of them, just skip to the next step.
7. Go back to system folder then open ‘xbin’ folder and delete the busyboxand su file there (if any is found there).
8. Go back to the system folder again and open ‘app’ folder and then delete the supeuser.apk file located in the folder. That’s all.
9. Reboot your device it will be unrooted.

2nd method: Use of SuperSU App
Try this second method if method 1 does not work for you.
This method virtually works for all android devices and its a bit easier than the first method. Use the following steps to unroot your android device.
1. Download and install the superSU app Play Store
2. Open the superSU app and go to settings then tap full unroot.
3. It will confirm. Just click continue. After successful Unroot, superuser
will close automatically.
4. Reboot your device
5. Uninstall the superSU app and you device is fully unrooted.

With the above steps you can easily unroot your phone.
(NB: Never update your device via OTA update when your phone is still rooted.)

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