YouTube launches social network features

Youtube social network features

YouTube has been working tremedously on it's website to help YouTubers interact with their audience, instead of users using their "rivals" web like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to communicate to their own existing platform on YouTube.

For past months, Tests and reviews has been ongoing on this feature and yesterday, Youtube publicly launched their social network community live on youtube, for beta users only! At least for now, but will be available to other devices in some months to come.

Youtube launched the Social network community, to help Youtubers communicate with their audience without the use of videos, just text, gifs, images and some other few characters.

Some Channels were spotted to now have "Community" tab on their profile, meaning this feature is active and has started hitting channels almost immediately after launch.

To Round-off, Youtubers can now have a relationship with their followers on Youtube without having to go for other social networking sites, and that was the main aim for the Social network community on Youtube.

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