The Trick I Used In Getting Over 5000 Likes For My Facebook Page

Not so many bloggers would love to give out the tricks they use especially when it comes to traffic cos they forever wanna remain on top. Many people have been using this trick to get many likes for their Facebook pages so I felt I should share this to help up coming bloggers who wanna drive traffic to their blog through their facebook pages.

Steps in getting over a thousand likes:

1. Get a facebook account, I'd advise you create a new one.
2. Add as many friends as possible, most preferably 1500 friends cos I noticed that when you have close to or more than 2000 friends, the trick might not work so well.
3. Go to google and search for "How to convert facebook profile to a page"
4. Click on the first or second result which should be a facebook link. All this should be done with a PC. Or simply click HERE
5. After opening the link, you'll see many options with one particular one on converting a profile to page
6. Click on that particular one and follow the procedures. Not to worry, you'll still have your facebook profile available
7. Once you're done with the conversion process, its time to migrate all your friends and automatically make them like your page. You'll see that option at the left side of your screen. You have 14days to do that.
8. After making your available friends automatically like your page, you can now start adding new friends until you get up to 5000 friends which automatically means 5000likes. This process should be done before the 14days deadline given by facebook.

    Easy right? That's how I was able to get up to the number of likes I have on my page which is now around 6k+ likes. If there is any step or process you didn't understand, feel free to ask using the comment box and you'll be guided. Don't forget to share this post with friends using the available share buttons on the blog. I'll try and make some links available to you guys which you can make use of to speed up the process, therefore check back for updates to this post.
 Next, I'll write a post on how to send invitations to like a page in one click.

   If you ever think of copying this post, you must give credit to this blog,

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  1. Nice post you really doing a great job

  2. lol comment by owner

  3. Nice post bro,been searching for such for long,After clicking the link,and read about the conversion method,I realised that my Facebook name would also be my page title,can my page title be changed later on


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