How To Make Money Selling E-books In Nigeria

How To Make Money Selling E-books In Nigeria

Write once sell many times

One of the great things about selling eBooks is that you only need to write it once and yet are able to sell it many times - eBooks are an unlimited amount of inventory.

An eBook is simply an electronic book or a book in computer form as a file that is readable and can be printed. It is a book but the only difference between it and a real physical book is that it is not in a physical form. It's intangible.

You can make money by creating and selling eBooks in Nigeria if you know how to do it. You only need to know what to write about, write about it and then market your eBook to the Nigerians in cyberspace.

Where can one sell eBooks?

There are many opportunities for Nigerians to sell their books on the internet and I would just list some of them

- Amazon KDP:
- Own website
- Other third party site

The first method is popular but is not available to Nigeria buyers yet so if you decide selling your eBooks through Amazon's kdp programme, then you should target buyers in countries other than Nigeria and that means your eBook should be about something people in places like the USA, UK or Australia would want to read about. Amazon allows you to create and upload your book and then set your own price or royalty. Amazon would only collect a commission on sales and you don't have to make any payment upfront. There are a growing number of writers who make thousands f dollars writing for Kindle and so don't be left out.

You can also sell eBooks on your own website and target the world including Nigeria. You only need to be able to create your eBook and convert it to PDF using any useful software like Google Docs or Acrobat professional. Once created, you'd upload it to your site and sell online using any secure payment processor. In Nigeria, direct bank payments are a popular option for info-marketers.

The third option has to do with selling your eBooks through a third party and there are many of them. The problem with this option is that most of them prefer you make an advance payment for hosting or retailing your eBook. I wouldn't stick with the third option as I'd rather go with the first two.

How do you create an eBook?

To create an eBook, here is what you do

- Write your book with a text editing software e.g. Ms Word
- Convert it to PDF if required
- Create a back cover
- Decide on your price
- Upload and publish

How much should I sell an eBook?

It depends on You!!!!!

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